Realizing most of her clients were Moms who not only had their own health to think about, but their family’s as well, Lisa published her first book If I Could Just Cook In My Car: A Busy Moms Guide to Feeding Her Family Healthy Meals With Less Time, Stress and Money to share her process of how she overcame the frustration of feeding her family healthy meals.
carcook_bookIf I Could Just Cook In My Car

  • Do you spend more time in your car driving your kids around than in your kitchen?
  •  Are you worried your family isn’t eating healthy meals?
  • Do you dread the question “What’s for dinner?”
  • Are you making daily trips to the Grocery store?
  • Do you feel like there is never anything in the house to eat and yet waste food by throwing out unused excess?

Lisa Sanderson, Certified health coach and Busy Mom, explains how to feed yourself and your family healthy meals and teaches simple meal planning that will save time, stress and money.

You will learn how to…

  • Use Lisa’s ADD, AWARE, ADJUST, ENJOY process to making healthy eating decisions
  • Determine what YOUR Family should be eating
  • Get your Family involved in the meal planning process
  • Reduce your number of trips to the Grocery Store
  • Stock your Kitchen and stop wasting food
  • Use tools to help make feeding your family healthy easier

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