The clients of Enjoy Healthy get so much from Lisa’s unique approach. Each client is different, seeking support in different ways. See what they have to say about working with Lisa.

Lisa takes the many, many new studies and information on nutrition and distills it to clear approaches you can use.  She reminded me that good nutrition takes thought, but not necessarily more time, than old habits and poor choices. I learned a great deal working with Lisa, and it has stayed with me.  She was delightful to work with – professional, yet fun – and I recommend a few sessions with her as a great kick-start to a personal transformation

Janet F.

I have struggled, as many women have, with my self image pretty much since I hit puberty. I’m a normal statistic. Even when I was at my most physically fit I still saw a fat person in the mirror.

Over the last eight years I slowly gain weight until I topped 40lbs over a healthy weight. I tried every diet, every restriction, and even trying to “not care.” Nothing worked. I just kept gaining weight. I was hyper-focused on food. I was frustrated and continuously hating myself for failing every day at weight loss. I was sad and isolating myself from other people. Then I learned Lisa was a healthy coach and willing to help me figure things out.

Lisa is God’s answer to my prayers. She took time to have phone appointments with me to help guide me through the root of my issues. I thought my problem was food, but Lisa helped me understand that my problem wasn’t what I ate or didn’t eat.

Through talking and reflective exercises Lisa helped me to learn to forgive myself, to own my choices, and to not beat myself up all of the time.

She brought me out of the darkness of my mind and into the lightness of living, enjoying friends, and appreciating food as fuel.

I am walking, choosing clean foods to eat, and in a much happier place thanks to Lisa’s help.